Thursday, November 17, 2011


I love machinery - sewing/quilting/embroidery/knitting machinery.     I love it so much, that I have too much.  I started off  with an old Empisal knitting machine, and now my little empire is vast.   As I said, I love machinery and technology - so much so that I wish to sell some to by some more.    I have put my John Watts Quilter and a Janome 1600p up for sale on EBay.    Here is a picture -

Here is the link.
Update.  The Janome has sold, but here is the link for the quilting frame.
My quilting frame and the sewing machine have had very little work.   Originally when I purchased the quilting frame, I had such great plans. Needless to say neither of these two have seen much work.   I think you could count on two hands the amount of actual quilts that have been quilted on this set up.   My choice of quilt design means loading and rolling with large amounts of bling and 3D stuff doesn't work for me.    So if you are interested, contact me here or through EBay.

I am also rather keen to upgrade to a PR1000 and so thought I would mention that I have a PR600 for sale.   You can contact me here (tiramisue at bigpond dot com).    "The Beast" as she is affectionately known comes complete with cap hoops (I have never used them), and all her accessories.   She will sew a design up to 200 x 300mm.        

Bye for now.
Sue xxx

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well, with "Ghastlie Mania" over for the time being, I just wanted to send out a big  thank you to all those who took the time to pass comment on my "Ghastlie" quilt.   I am absolutely floored by the kind and encouraging thoughts sent my way.   I would also like to say a big hello to my new followers.    I  will try to keep it interesting and keep you interested! 

Just to rub it in, the following couple of photo's are gifts currently winging their way to my blog hop winner. I hope they give you a laugh Leesa.......

 I will post a little "how to" on the bracelet shortly - they are quick and easy and would be a great little gift for the Christmas stockings........yes it is nearly that time of year again (48 or so days to go).

Click on the side buttons to view "Pintrest" pages set up for Ghastlie projects, and Madame Samm will keep the Ghastlie Site with the 54 participants blog posts at the ready.   

Now to step away from quilty bits - this is a bit of handiwork by the big heap himself..........I, naturally, was sewing - all was quiet, too quiet as it turns out.............

 Not a bad effort for an hour.      Good gravy some days you need a sense of humour.   Can you see a resemblance to "Bear" from Bear in the Big Blue House?    That takes me back - the elf turned 16 a few weeks ago - seems like only yesterday I suffered Thomas, Bear, Postman Pat - now I am looking forward (not) to an endless summer school holiday,  having my ears assaulted by Spongebob Squarepants and even more endless reruns of the Simpsons.    I have told my husband to employ the elf gainfully for a few days a week or else a crime could well be committed.
 And because O'Reilly fills up a fair swag of my posts these days,  here he is celebrating his first birthday on Sunday.........
I know, it is not very respectful of such a noble breed, but sometimes you just have to extract some revenge with silly hats and cake.

Well now I had best get back to the grindstone.    I still have quite a few large pieces of Ghastlie fabric with big holes cut into them, to use up.  Speaking of which (Ghastlie Fabric that is) -  I have seen sneak peaks of the new range on the magical interweb today, and it is a giggle - there are babies in prams and pregnant people - ooooh the mind boggles).

Bye for now.