Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Finished and made it to the Lilydale Show. Theme for this year was Ladybirds.
The embroidery designs are a mix of designs I digitized and others purchased off the internet. I also edited quite a few of the purchased ones to get just the flowers.
Flowers include my favourite purple weed - Vinca, extra large, not to scale, forget me nots, daisies, geraniums, and some of dad's favourites, primulas.
The green and yellow crystals are very glamorous aphids - a favourite food of ladybirds. The ladybirds eyes are also crystals, because we all know I like glitter from diamonds to craft herpes type glitter. A few random crystals can also be spotted on the large daisies - dew drops!
I quilted using Kingstar Gold Thread - again my go to neutral colour - both in the bobbin and as the top thread. A lot of the quilting between the flowers was completed before I put the back on.
There are over 6 million embroidery stitches just in all the embroidered pieces, never mind the other 2 million, filling in the blank spaces, appliqueing the flowers down and then the quilting of the whole shebang.
The edges are finished using organza strips in a couple of shades of green. Final flowers are all glued using a fantastic glue by E6000 called Fabric Fuse. This stuff doesn't trail between globs (technical term). Why glue - because by the time I got to the outside edge, all the machines I own where in cahoots about not stitching through what felt like 14 layers😂.
And yes, she is for sale!

Sue xxx


This quilt has been kicking around the sewing room since 2013...finally finished it and gave it a press this week! Nothing like being a full time member of the prestigious "Procrastination Society - Quilting Chapter". For sale for $100. The actual Embroidery designs are available in the shop. The green is a shade somewhere between the bright sunny pictures and the ones taken in the shade! 😂 The backing is flannelette. Postage will be extra.

Sue xxx