Sunday, March 18, 2018


I had lots of scraps left from the recent aqua/teal robot quilt.   I find it hard to throw them away......  who knows when they will come in handy, right?   In an effort to use stuff up, I put down  a layer of the pattern cutting vilene product - the one that looks a bit like the green shopping bag, but a lot thinner, I set to work to try and use up the scraps and make a whole new piece of fabric.   

Next cut a piece of wadding big enough to cover the vilene.   Start adding bits of fabric here and there, filling in gaps, moving colours around, until you are happy with the arrangement.   It was amazing how many bits I used.   

None of them had vlisofix on them, or if they did it was a minimal amount, so I used the good old blue glue stick and just lightly dab a spot here and there to hold everything til I got it to the Sweet 16.   

Using a teal/aqua thread I did a bit of a loose stipple to hold everything in place. Next came some lightweight embroideries in silver. 

 Making use of the couching feet, I added some yarn, again just doing random lines, swirls etc.  Auditioning my large yarn collection I was using the Sweet 16 for couching I stuck with the plainer yarns - the lumpy ones get stuck in the holes!    Use your couching foot on your normal sewing machine to add the other yarns.         

 I  wanted to add some more embroidery designs, so these went on next.    Don't forget to use some of those fancy stitches on your sewing machine too.   A great way to test run some stitches you haven't tried before.   

A bit more stippling with the silver lurex and the fabric was done. 

Made a nice bucket bag.    Lining is a lovely aqua. 

Sue xxx

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Multiply as they do!!

In the shop now!



I do enjoy a shaggy quilt.   Very forgiving, although my hands and wrists don't always agree.   

Finished the edging with some couching, using some of the gorgeous fancy yarns that are available.   

Sue xxx