Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Made a few of these as door prizes for my quilting group.    I digitized them whilst waiting for an assortment of baked goods came out of the oven!      The keep fits in the 8x12inch (200x300mm) embroidery hoop - takes 10 minutes on the machine and another 10 minutes to finish off with the sewing machine and to add a closure.  You can decorate as desired - use beads, buttons, lace.  Make a great gift for your sewing sistas!  I have also added a PDF pattern for those with a smaller hoop or those with a sewing machine.   $4AU in my Etsy Shop.   here or here   

 Sue xxx

Sunday, October 9, 2016


If you are interested in hand dyed fabrics, I have put an album together on my Facebook page - each piece has a weight in grams and the price.   If you wish to purchase, mark as sold and I will get in touch.   If you are not on Facebook, you should still be able to see the fabrics in the album - send me a note via tiramisue at bigpond dot com    First in, best dressed!

Fabric Album

Sue xxx

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Whilst the Land of Oz is getting her spring on, Robin from Baking and Bobbins  is getting her fall colours ready.   Check out Robin's  Table Runner......see the leaves, they are from one of my sets.   Robin gave them 5  -  yes that is right -  5 stars....these are the Etsy convo's I love.     


Have a great day.  Sue xxx

Monday, August 29, 2016


Here they are on a couple of baby blankets.   There are 10 in each set.   I was going to bag the baby blanket, but the fluffy stuff is Coral Fleece and whilst lovely and soft, it is a shape shifter the minute you move it.    I ended up quilting the fleece and the flannelette and binding as a traditional quilt.    

The flannelette is very sweet too.   Spotlight stocks it.

The bag is made from one of my early test stitchouts.    
Front of the bag - finished

Back - free motion quilting with a variegated thread from Madeira.   

Inside the bag is a lovely pink and orange batik fabric. Plenty of pockets.

The base is held in place with some fabric covered elastic.

 This is the table runner with the 5x7 inch foxes.   How good does the hand dyed fabric look.

Closeups of the quilting and embroidery details.

Sue .xxx

Foxes for the 4x4 inch (100x100mm) hoop and the 5x7 inch (130x180mm) hoop are available in my Etsy shop.  

Sunday, August 28, 2016


I have just finished digitizing some foxes - they are simple but I think, quite effective.   However, I wanted something 'foxy' to make a table runner with.   Had a fossick under the laundry sink and fished out the procions.    I only needed one piece in rust....I had dye left over....I made two....I went looking for more fabric.....I did some pinks and blues....I had dye left over.....I made yellows and oranges and pinks....and so on and so on, until I did run out of fabric to beautify!

I started with photos and measurements of powder and recipe alterations and then that all went out the window and I became the mad scientist once again.    Cant help myself it would seem.

I have used a cat litter tray, large glass jars, small glass jars and a couple of icecream containers to create the gems.

After dyeing there is a bit of rinsing to remove the excess dye.

 I am happy when the water looks like this or paler.   Ready to be dried and pressed.

Here are this weeks treasures.   Some of the photos were taken on a cloudy day and look a little drab, but how glorious are the photos on a sunny day.  

This is a commercial silver print.   The next picture shows the back.

Wouldnt this make a great under water scene, or the earth from above.

Tie dye without the tieing!

Sue xxx