Friday, December 25, 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Lost your Christmas mojo......try these guys - they stitch up quick!    Rachel from over at "The Loopy Stitcher"   - find her here:  took the 5x7 one for a Test Stitch yesterday......

It is these little things that make the Internet a wonderful place......from sunny Mt Evelyn, I  can chat with someone in Brooklyn!  

As you can see from my photos, I added a bit of marabou to the white doll.....but you could add beads, feathers, yarn - use what you have to hand!

The back opening is simply closed with a whip stitch and then I used silver thread to make staples over the seam.  
 Here are the guys waiting to be stuffed!
 Nothing like adding a bit a grumpiness to the Christmas tree.

 The 4x4 version would make a great brooch.....simple glue or stitch  brooch back in to position.
Sue xxx

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Teddy Bear Cuddle Rug

I love this little guy's face.....either asleep or awake.  

He will make a wonderful gift for a new baby and the rug can be personalised before being put together - how unstressful is that?   I made him from Minke and the fabric used for the rug is a cotton on the front and more Minke on the back.   There is a little hand and machine stitching to finish, but all very easy.

Keep stitching!  Sue xxx

Halloween Designs - for those who "do"!

Just finished this quick Halloween Candy/Lolly (for the Aussies who do) container.   Designs are up in the Etsy shop -  3 different ones and as a bonus, included are the eye designs to stitch on to felt.   Really easy, really quick.

I think mothers everywhere could put this on a shirt and wear it all year round.....

- even this one if you drink to excess!   :-)

 The felt eyeballs could be attached to brooch backs or to a hair thingamybob!

My test stitcher Annie made a Halloween Cushion....It is double sided - no escaping Halloween dreams!
Keep stitching and stay sane......Sue xxx

Thursday, October 1, 2015

To keep things varied....Kookaburras/King Fishers

New to the shop today....Kookaburras - or with a colour change - King Fisher........or if you prefer, make 'em any colour you like!   Available in three sizes, each set is stitched in three parts.   There are plenty of instructions.   I have also included the fringe gum flower as a bonus - this file too,  has more than enough instructions on how to make them!    Normally priced at $4 for the set, there is a short sale about to take place and all embroidery files will be marked down 50%.   Go have a look and see if anything takes your fancy.


Cushion was completed with a zippered back.   I did some couching in blue for a bit of interest on the zipper flap.  

The flowers work well as a button cover for a bit of 3d work.

Pop on over to the sale which starts at 3pm Melbourne (Aus) time - GRAND FINAL SALE GO HAWKS!     (What can I say, I live with a bunch of footy fanatics - I'm humoring them).....

Sue xxx

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Nearly Ninjas - Part 336.....

Appliques are all done and test run.  Each set of Ninja come with a bonus set of Throwing stars - an applique, a redwork/quilting star and a small filled star.   These have sat in a file since 2010.....I wrote about them back  here!

Ninja with Samuri Sword   

Ninja with Nunchucks

Ninja of Deep Thoughts

 Ninja with Stick

Ninja with Throwing Stars

Group Photo!!

Had a go at spray painting a t-shirt or two.   Menopausal mauve Ninja.

All versions of the Ninjas are now in my Etsy shop here.

Sue xxx

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Stitched this lot out over the past week.  Quick and easy to make in the hoop with a small seam to hand stitch after stuffing.    Could make a pincushion out of them, dog/cat toy or just as a stuffed cushion.   There are two doll styles and each one has four different faces.   And....they are only $3 for the set - $2 for the 4x4/100x100mm size.  Bargain.

Also in this range are these cute faces made with self cover buttons.  Two sizes, four different faces and a throwing star - use them to decorate a bag, a hair tie, cushion, clothing, hat.  

Appliques are coming soon.   Sue xxx

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Going through some old designs in Embird, I remembered these guys, so got to work on a revision and most are in the process of being test stitched as we speak.   

I started playing with these guys quite some time ago it seems  -     Hope to have them up at Etsy in the next week.   There will also be a Ninja softee/pincushion in the range too!

Since my last posts, I have also turned this......
Into a bit of glamorous, over the top, Urban Threads ghoulishness.   I also realised my skull bead collection is getting a bit out of hand!    Just needs some more silverware on it - and we can call it Halloween...... 

This moon is from Urban Threads - I added a layer of silver/black lurex before stitching and trimmed close.   I then added three layers of wadding to make it stand out.   I also used this method with the skulls and the roses.    The skulls were stitched on to organza first and then appliqued in to position.  I find this helps stop distortion when a lot of embroidery stitches are involved.   

Bye for now.   Sue xxx