Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Going through some old designs in Embird, I remembered these guys, so got to work on a revision and most are in the process of being test stitched as we speak.   

I started playing with these guys quite some time ago it seems  -    
http://tiramisue-suesblog.blogspot.com.au/2010/02/birthdays-and-mystery-quilts.html     Hope to have them up at Etsy in the next week.   There will also be a Ninja softee/pincushion in the range too!

Since my last posts, I have also turned this......
Into a bit of glamorous, over the top, Urban Threads ghoulishness.   I also realised my skull bead collection is getting a bit out of hand!    Just needs some more silverware on it - and we can call it Halloween...... 

This moon is from Urban Threads - I added a layer of silver/black lurex before stitching and trimmed close.   I then added three layers of wadding to make it stand out.   I also used this method with the skulls and the roses.    The skulls were stitched on to organza first and then appliqued in to position.  I find this helps stop distortion when a lot of embroidery stitches are involved.   

Bye for now.   Sue xxx

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