Thursday, December 17, 2015


Lost your Christmas mojo......try these guys - they stitch up quick!    Rachel from over at "The Loopy Stitcher"   - find her here:  took the 5x7 one for a Test Stitch yesterday......

It is these little things that make the Internet a wonderful place......from sunny Mt Evelyn, I  can chat with someone in Brooklyn!  

As you can see from my photos, I added a bit of marabou to the white doll.....but you could add beads, feathers, yarn - use what you have to hand!

The back opening is simply closed with a whip stitch and then I used silver thread to make staples over the seam.  
 Here are the guys waiting to be stuffed!
 Nothing like adding a bit a grumpiness to the Christmas tree.

 The 4x4 version would make a great brooch.....simple glue or stitch  brooch back in to position.
Sue xxx

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