Thursday, October 1, 2015

To keep things varied....Kookaburras/King Fishers

New to the shop today....Kookaburras - or with a colour change - King Fisher........or if you prefer, make 'em any colour you like!   Available in three sizes, each set is stitched in three parts.   There are plenty of instructions.   I have also included the fringe gum flower as a bonus - this file too,  has more than enough instructions on how to make them!    Normally priced at $4 for the set, there is a short sale about to take place and all embroidery files will be marked down 50%.   Go have a look and see if anything takes your fancy.


Cushion was completed with a zippered back.   I did some couching in blue for a bit of interest on the zipper flap.  

The flowers work well as a button cover for a bit of 3d work.

Pop on over to the sale which starts at 3pm Melbourne (Aus) time - GRAND FINAL SALE GO HAWKS!     (What can I say, I live with a bunch of footy fanatics - I'm humoring them).....

Sue xxx

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