Friday, October 10, 2014

Meerkats - Simples!

We have an advertisement on the TV featuring Meerkats - the talking Meerkat finishes the ad with the word "simples"  -   for those thinking I cant spell!'

Anyway, when I saw the artwork for these, I had to do them........and although the facial features are "simple" I think they are very expressive.   These come in four sizes for the embroidery machine.   They come in two styles - one with stripes, one without stripes.   As they are applique, they are pretty quick to stitch.   The biggest one is just about life size for a meerkat.   

Quilting was done using the Sweet 16 - I am enjoying using this machine!    The Vlysofix was having some sort of attack so even though the Meerkats where originally done with the trapunto technique, I had to over stitch some bits to try and disguise the puckering from the glue.   Still turned out pretty well.   

Designs are now up at Etsy - see side bar.

And for a chuckle - Meerkat Blooper Reel!

Have a great day.
Sue xxx

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yeti Quilt - Unleashing the Applique

Whilst I still have to add a rod pocket to the back of this wall hanging, to all intents and purposes, we are done!      Lots of jewellery has given up life as a bracelet or two for the cause.   There are also lots of Swarovski crystals just to make sure the shine lasts for a long time.    The edge is finished with  prairie points and ric rac.   
The yeti themselves are appliqued by embroidery machine (how else would I work) and are very soft being made from Minke and Panne Velvet.    Each Yeti has been given an extra layer of padding to make them puff out a bit!       I made about 80 free standing lace snowflakes that I picked up on sale a couple of weeks ago.  The snowflakes sewn directly on to the fabric are digitized by moi!
A couple of the guys have piles of snowballs - all stacked and ready for a battle.   I tried out the couching foot on the Sweet 16 - and used a crystal yarn to create a bit of "movement" across each section.    How much fun are the couching feet!   I will have more on that in another post.

Non embroidery machine people often think that all this comes together by just pressing a button.   Let me tell you, "that so ain't the case!"  The icicles across the top equate to about 200,000 stitches alone.   The snowflakes were stitched on to wash away fabric and I stitched 22 at a time = about 7 hours of stitching.    So yes, it all just happens at the press of a button!

Have a great day.   Sue xxx

Saturday, August 30, 2014


 Finished this bag late last night.   Embroidery took about an hour, the quilting all day!   I practiced some feathers. I originally marked them out with a black frixion pen and crossed everything that the marks would disappear. I found I could still see them when the steam hit, but I chucked the lot in the washing machine (after spraying with preen and using a hot wash) and they are now all gone.......

Flamingo is now available over at Etsy for $3.00 and is available in sizes to fit the 200 x 300 hoop and the 130 x 180 hoop.   The 130 x 180 hoop design is a split design so the finished size is not far off the bigger one!    

The lining is a very bright pink with a black and white stripe for the base and side pockets. 


Sue xxx

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The Yeti are still on the go, just need a few more snowflakes to be put in place (so far there are about 70) and then decide how to the mean time, I bought some gorgeous clip art and produced these two happy chaps!

 To counter act the beige, the lining is a very bright and chipper orange check.   Lots of internal pockets for all your "stuff".  
 The fabric is a faux suede microfiber and it has been quilted all over.  
 I tried a different style for boxing in the bottom of the bag and I quite like it.
 There are three designs in this set.   They are designed for the bigger hoop of 200 x 300mm.  They are a combination of applique and fill stitches and are quite striking.   I used some teal satin for the wings and tail which kind of glitters under the shading stitches.

These designs are now up for sale over in my Etsy shop for $5 for the set of three.     They are a very modern style and would look equally as precious in other colour combinations.   To make him into a King Fisher, use blue fabric for the body as well.   Check out Mr Google for other great colour combinations it you are not sure!!

Bye for now!~  Sue xxx

Thursday, August 7, 2014

YETI......You know they're out there......

I have been beavering away busily on a few machine embroidery designs.   I am so enjoying the art of digitizing.   My shoulder and lower back, not always so ;-) !   I have done some gorgeous appliques related to these dolls/pincushions but I am still adding "stuff" to the quilt top and want you to get the full impact when it is done.    So to pique your interest I got side tracked with these.


They stitch out very quickly and only require you to ladder stitch a small seam after stuffing.   There are 6 different dolls in each set - same shape, just different faces.   They are all available now over in my Etsy shop - you can purchase the size for your machine - 100 x 100mm, 130 x 180mm, 160 x 260mm or 200 x 300 mm.  

I have also added some button covers to the range.  There are six in the file.   These will fit in a small hoop or you can stitch the lot out in one hooping and then cut them apart.   They are designed for a 38mm self cover button although there is a little wiggle room if you want to do a bigger button!

Use them on garments, hair accessories, quilts, bags........


Back to the grind stone...!   Sue xxx