Monday, November 17, 2014

Skeleton Leaves

Did a bit of sun dyeing last week and made some nice background pieces.   Inspired by leaf litter and those magical skeleton leaves, I set to work designing some of my own.


Sue xxx

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Running a quick sale over on Etsy - 50% off  all Machine Embroidery Designs - Grab yourself a bargain!     All done, thanks for your support!

Sue xxx

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sweet 16 Quilting Machine - Couching

Have you got the couching set yet for the Sweet 16?    Really easy once you get going.   I have made a short video to show how to set up the yarn for couching.   You will see lots of demo's with the yarn laying on the quilt top.   This idea gets it out of the way and the flow is continuous and unhindered.   You can purchase a yarn/wool winder from Ebay - buy one with a cone system so you can stand it on the machine and out of the way.

Have a look at the video and let me know how you go.

You can see I have added a rather large hook - one of those 3m type picture hangers - it was the only one I had floating around when I tried this out.   A much smaller version will do!

Friday, October 24, 2014

....And now for something completely different!

Just put my first set of kaleidoscopes up on Etsy.    These are so addictive - print them up on fabric and use as quilt panels - there are 9 different ones in the set, decorate a t-shirt, use in scrapbooking, make a greeting card.......use your imagination.   This set is based on a photograph of a giant Marigold my dad had growing in the garden.   
Have a great weekend!   Sue xxx

Friday, October 10, 2014

Meerkats - Simples!

We have an advertisement on the TV featuring Meerkats - the talking Meerkat finishes the ad with the word "simples"  -   for those thinking I cant spell!'

Anyway, when I saw the artwork for these, I had to do them........and although the facial features are "simple" I think they are very expressive.   These come in four sizes for the embroidery machine.   They come in two styles - one with stripes, one without stripes.   As they are applique, they are pretty quick to stitch.   The biggest one is just about life size for a meerkat.   

Quilting was done using the Sweet 16 - I am enjoying using this machine!    The Vlysofix was having some sort of attack so even though the Meerkats where originally done with the trapunto technique, I had to over stitch some bits to try and disguise the puckering from the glue.   Still turned out pretty well.   

Designs are now up at Etsy - see side bar.

And for a chuckle - Meerkat Blooper Reel!

Have a great day.
Sue xxx

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yeti Quilt - Unleashing the Applique

Whilst I still have to add a rod pocket to the back of this wall hanging, to all intents and purposes, we are done!      Lots of jewellery has given up life as a bracelet or two for the cause.   There are also lots of Swarovski crystals just to make sure the shine lasts for a long time.    The edge is finished with  prairie points and ric rac.   
The yeti themselves are appliqued by embroidery machine (how else would I work) and are very soft being made from Minke and Panne Velvet.    Each Yeti has been given an extra layer of padding to make them puff out a bit!       I made about 80 free standing lace snowflakes that I picked up on sale a couple of weeks ago.  The snowflakes sewn directly on to the fabric are digitized by moi!
A couple of the guys have piles of snowballs - all stacked and ready for a battle.   I tried out the couching foot on the Sweet 16 - and used a crystal yarn to create a bit of "movement" across each section.    How much fun are the couching feet!   I will have more on that in another post.

Non embroidery machine people often think that all this comes together by just pressing a button.   Let me tell you, "that so ain't the case!"  The icicles across the top equate to about 200,000 stitches alone.   The snowflakes were stitched on to wash away fabric and I stitched 22 at a time = about 7 hours of stitching.    So yes, it all just happens at the press of a button!

Have a great day.   Sue xxx

Saturday, August 30, 2014


 Finished this bag late last night.   Embroidery took about an hour, the quilting all day!   I practiced some feathers. I originally marked them out with a black frixion pen and crossed everything that the marks would disappear. I found I could still see them when the steam hit, but I chucked the lot in the washing machine (after spraying with preen and using a hot wash) and they are now all gone.......

Flamingo is now available over at Etsy for $3.00 and is available in sizes to fit the 200 x 300 hoop and the 130 x 180 hoop.   The 130 x 180 hoop design is a split design so the finished size is not far off the bigger one!    

The lining is a very bright pink with a black and white stripe for the base and side pockets. 


Sue xxx