Monday, July 12, 2010


It's been a long day today, but look what was waiting on my arrival home. A large parcel from Hancocks. Lots of mermaids and sea creatures and suitably co-ordinating stripes and swirls. Oh and some batik, which comes at the right time, it goes perfectly with the purple stuff at the bottom of the page.

There are many days as the mother of a teenage boy, when the question "What the....?" is asked.
Here we have an example. The following is a small series of photo's that answers the question "Why are there small bits of toilet paper behind the door of the toilet" I think these photo's solve that age old mystery!!

This little game had been going on for quite some time.

At the quilt group last week, we were playing with "quilt as you go". I bought truckloads of fabric for the exercise, because I am keen to make a bedspread/quilt complete with pillow cover the works. I did 4 squares and hated them. I was going for girly and I got male geometric.

So I went through the elusive stash (you know, the pile of fabric that never, never, ever matches anything you need) and actually found a couple of bits and pieces and then I went back to the fabric shop and bought a couple more bits and so now I have done this.

Much more girly, and much more work. 4 squares done - 44 to go. It is big.
Here is Norman, sitting on some of the fabric selection, he is working out which colour will show up better when he sheds, white or black, black or white, decisions, decisions.

I was having a bit of a Masterchef moment last week, so I bought these. Two good things are immediately apparent. 1. I can't set fire to the handles and 2. The handles can't fall off, ever. This should minimise the chances of the great tomato soup spillage of Christmas 2009 from occuring again and questions like "what is that smell?"
And I made one of these -

In my quest to get some artwork up on the walls, I put this together.

It's a bus/tram roll for the uninitiated. They are the latest thing. I bought a canvas, I was going to do stencils and then I had a brain wave - the camera shop - one week later and no mess and best of all it is done.
The other domestic goddess moment I had was with this. I can't wait to see the possums balanced on this sucker. Should be a laugh a minute.
Whilst out in the garden, I spied these two beauties, certainly a great splash of colour on a cold Melbourne afternoon.

And just to give him some recognition, here's Harv.

Til next time. Sue xxx


  1. Love the bus/tram roll - but when you say camera shop, how did you do it??

  2. Hi Miss Daisy, thanks for dropping by. I put all the words for the bus roll together in PaintShop pro and then took it to my local camera shop where I had it printed straight on to canvas. It measures 20 x 30 inches and came back ready to hang!! Sue


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