Sunday, November 14, 2010


What a fun but time consuming little project this turned out to be.    A basic pine cupboard, add some wheels, trim and a couple of doors, find some fantastic hardware and hey presto, a fish tank stand with an oriental inspired theme.  

Not too bad for a first attempt at decoupage.    The pictures were from odds and ends collected over the years. I pasted the  images on to a black background and then transformed them   in to watercolour sketches using Painter Essentials 4. I set the pictures up in a document  using Word and mirrored some of the images before photocopying them.    Cutting out was pretty laborious, as was going around every image with a black pencil to hide the cut edges.  18 coats of varnish and lots of sanding, I am putting the cue in the rack as it were.  Now to leave it for a week or two to let the varnish set well.   In the meantime I am in search of a filter for inside the cupboard and some decent sized goldfish!

I looked everywhere locally for the type of fittings on the cupboard and couldn't find anything like these.  I ended up here -Chinese Brass Hardware - took about 10 days to arrive from USA to Melbourne, great service.  

Bye for now.  Sue xxx


  1. Good God woman - 18 coats of varnish??!! You are insanely patient. That is some impressive hardware, and an impressive process you went through to create this masterpiece. The fish would want to be pretty exotic to do it justice!

  2. That turned out beautifully! Wow.


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