Sunday, July 24, 2011


A call went out at the last Waverley Quilters night, for some small bags to be used by folk undergoing Chemotherapy Treatment that requires them to wear a pump  for a period of time, at home.   I have done a few and whilst fiddling and making up an easy pattern,  I worked out an easy closing  system for these pouches, that will adjust as the pump is worn.   I have used buttons and press studs, but I think this will work a treat.  So here goes.....

From your chosen fabric, cut a strip 1 1/2 times or more (no more than double) than the width of the bag.
It will need to be wide enough to encase your chosen width of elastic (mine was about 10mm wide).  Make a tube and turn.   I pressed the tube so that the seam was running near the middle of what would be the back.    Now top stitch close to the edge  of each side.   
Thread the elastic through the tube and do a little bit of stitching to hold the ends in place.  

Lay the gathered strip across the front of the bag, making sure it is high/low enough to hold the flap that you have cut.   Mine was positioned about 3 inches down from the top of the bag.   Pin well in from the edges,  and adjust the fabric out of the way whilst you sew the seams.  You can push the gathers back when you have finished stitching.    When you are happy with how much play there is in the elastic piece, sew down to the front keeping within the seam allowance (1/8 inch will do it).
When the strip is tacked in place, finish the construction of your bag.    Be careful when you turn the piece that those pins don't stick you!!   The photo below shows the finished flap and how the elastic holds it down.   I added some fabric roses for a bit of tizz.    This method of closing a bag could be used on any bag with a flap.  If you wanted to make it  a bit of a fiddle for those with light fingers and thieving in mind,  you could add something a little chunky like the flowers to make opening  the bag more noticeable.  
This bag has a press stud closing. and a shabby flower.
 This denim look would work for a man or woman.  
 This frog one has a button and hair elastic closer.
And what is a post without O'Reilly with an appendage belonging to a teddy bear.    He is now tall enough to check out everything on the kitchen bench and weighs in at 62kg with a little  more to go.    Needless to say - nothing is safe!
 If you have any questions about the bags, you can contact me through the Tiramisue email.  
Bye for now.
Sue xxx

PS - my followers are still missing and have been for about two months now - greetings to you all :-) 

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