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This is the update on the Gnomes post. I have put the finishing touches on Maurice and Mathilda and their little gnome house. This set is available in my Etsy Shop. The designs are made for the big 200 x 300 hoops. ( When Christmas is finished with, I hope to have it available in a couple of smaller sizes). The Gnome cottage is completed in three parts. The garden, the base of the house and finally the roof. There is a little wiggle room on the house and the roof - it is "wonky" house after all.     If you have any questions drop me a line - my contact details are in the side bar.

The clouds are polar fleece which gives a lovely fluffy texture and great dimension.

 Do not judge a cheesecake by the plastic cup it is served in.    These chocolaty malty taste sensations look fantastic served individually in nice glasses  but if you are asked to "bring something" then a throw away container is the easiest and you don't have to worry about losing your best glasses or plates!    I used these drink cups because they were all I could get a hold of but there are some nice fancy plastic drink cups around.    Another idea would be to buy some odd glasses from your local thrift shop, you can leave them behind with the host at the end of the function.   Making individual servings saves a lot of mess in dishing up; imagine individual trifles, cheesecakes of any flavour, meringues with cream and fruit all layered  and ready to place on the buffet table.      

So chocolate fiends of the world, here is the recipe:   


1 Packet Chocolate Ripple Biscuits - crushed
150 grams Maltesers - crushed
125grams butter - melted

Mix the butter and the chocolate biscuits together as if you were making a single cheesecake.   Divide the mixture between the serving containers.   (This will do about 8 x 250ml).    Don't press down just leave loose (it would be impossible to get out of the glass if it is pressed)   Now sprinkle with the Maltesers and refrigerate whilst making the filling.


3 teaspoons of gelatin
1/4 cup of water
500 grams of cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup of caster sugar
1/2 cup of powdered malt
1 cup of thickened cream - whipped
2 eggs - separated
100 grams dark eating chocolate - I used 70%  - it is not as sweet - melted
Extra Maltesers for decoration
Cream if you think it needs it!

Sprinkle gelatin over the water in a small heatproof jug.  Stand the jug in a small saucepan of simmering water.  Stir until the gelatin dissolves.   Cool for 5 minutes.

Beat the cream cheese, sugar and malt in a medium bowl with electric mixer until smooth.  I nuked the cream cheese in short burst in the microwave to soften it!   Beat in the cream and egg yolks.  Stir in the gelatin mixture and then the chocolate. 

Beat egg whites in a small bowl with the electric mixer until firm peaks form.   Fold into the chocolate mixture.

Divide filling between your glasses, decorate with extra Maltesers and refrigerate until set or your can't stand it anymore and you have to eat one!!  Add a dollop of whipped cream if you think it needs it.  

Give it a fancy name like "deconstructed cheesecake" and you are on a winner.    Try putting  some cheesecake mixture in the bottom, then the biscuits and Maltesers and another layer of cheesecake followed by more Maltesers.   What is not too like I ask! 

It goes without saying that if you prefer your cheesecake whole - do that as well.

Have a great week.
Sue xxx

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  1. Love the gnomes(looks a bit like your house.........)!!!!!!!!! :)


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