Saturday, February 9, 2013


Still working away on the aqua and white quilt.    I am very pleased with the colours and have  been quilting up a storm.   Quilting strips is a piece of cake - I can't wait to show off the final piece.   Here are a few pics of the starfish section of the quilt.   These are the 'before' shots.....


It is not the easist thing taking photo graphs of embroideries that are the same colour as the background, but I hope these give you some idea -  they are all the same strip of fabric, but they all look a different colour.
Here are a few shots of the starfish quilted......

I chose a Humpback Whale as they are seen in Merimbula on their annual migration down the coast.
 As you can see from the second photo of the whale, it just got lost so I went old school and scanned the whale - now you can see all of the quilting!

What is a beach scene without the dreaded seagul?   I did these in a medium grey.  The large gulls have an extra layer of batting - a form of  "trapunto".    They stand out a little more than the small and medium size gulls - hopefully giving a perception of depth!

I also have added a row of buoys for the yatch race.
I have digitised some sea shells  and I need to give some thought to the rest of the quilt, in particular the pillow area  - do I do more boats, do I think of other beachy things to add.    Decisions, decisions.........
Stay tuned.
Sue xxx


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