Thursday, May 9, 2013


If you are in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne on Friday or Saturday, there is a quilt show on run by a lovely lady by the name of Carol.   It is called "All our own work" and is on at the Baptist Church in Heathmont - just near Ringwood.   Always worth a look.

All Our Own Work Quilt Fair 2013
A Quilt, Patchwork, Applique, Textile Art Display
Friday 10th and Saturday 11th May, 2013
10 am to 5 pm
Heathmont Baptist Church
78 Cuthbert Street, Heathmont 
Light Refreshments and Lunch available
Displays and Traders

I have five quilts in the show.    As it is run every second year, "The Ghastlies" haven't had an airing for a while, so that one has gone for display.  Also out for a run are my "Nearly Tribal", Faux Cathedral Windows, Maurice and Mathilda Garden Gnomes and the Shabby Chic Roses.  I finally got the binding on last week after it hung around the house for quite some time.  
I realised when getting quilts ready that I haven't shown off the finished Nearly Tribal Quilt that I made late last year.    It turned out very well and has a lot of dingle dangles that I love so much and of course, 3d leaves and flowers and beads.    I entered this quilt in the Lilydale Show in November and it won a few prizes, so it is very remiss of me not to have put it out into the ether to show off.   So, here it is:

The leave and flowers are a stylized version of Black Eyed Susan.   It was enjoyable making beads from bits of fabric and yarn using drinking straws as the formwork.   As with many of my quilts, there was a reasonable amount of shopping for the necessary beads to go with the project.  A couple of the guys are wearing feathers in a jaunty fashion.  
The mask designs are available over at my Etsy Shop (see the side bar).
Getting quilts ready for showing makes me want to slap myself sometimes.   The Cathedral Windows Quilt had three diamonds that needed to be quilted - I can't even remember the reason I stopped, but three diamonds to go, and I left it unfinished.   So that is another one now off the UFO pile.

This Shabby Rose Quilt finally got its much needed wash, to bring all of its shabby glory to the fore!
I quilted this at our March Quilting afternoon,  went on holidays for the April one and finally got the binding on it last Saturday at our May Quilting day.    I have kept this one light and used a polar fleece on the back instead of wadding and a second layer of fabric.   There is a tiny wedge of pink used as piping in the centre panel surround.  

Pink and green fabrics are from my stash of hand dyed fabrics.  
If you click on the first photo of this post, you will get nice big pictures to see the details of the quilts.
I'll be back shortly with a few shots of some hand dyed fabrics I have been making.   Lots of fun.
Sue xxx

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