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It is what it is, they are what they are.....

Elephant with "flappy" ears.....


Elephant Pin Cushion made from felt......
 The rug is made separately and trimmed up with pinking shears.....
 Ears stitched as part of the design.....
Pale pink and soft and fluffy (she was my first test one, so the other side is blank)......
Close up detail of the saddle rug/blanket.......
 Then, when the elephants are stitched and stuffed, lets move on to an applique.....

These little guys and gals stitch up well using velour, polar fleece and coral fleece.
All will be in the Etsy shop shortly.   JUST ADDED -   Elephant Cushion 200 x 300 can now be found here!

In other news, we have just had a fantastic holiday in Hawaii.    Three days in Maui and seven days in Waikiki.   Absolutely loved it.    Here are a few of my favourite shots.

The first sunset, look for the birds - yes it is a sensational fluke!
We stayed at the Maui Westin, there were flamingos in the pond.   I was in love......
Swimming with the flamingos -  koi.....look at the size of them!
I came across this little guy whilst having an evening stroll.    Not exactly pretty, but his call was beautiful.

Our first outing on Maui was to Lahina.   Such a beautiful street, full of shops and beach front, just the place for a little shopping, eating and taking in the sights.    Speaking of sights, my friend Chris and I sent the five males in the group (husbands and sons) off to do their own thing.   We ran in to them about half way down the street, they were now dressed like this.......

Submarine anyone? 
Chris and I at lunch.   The men folk where as colourful as the restaurant decor!
 Lahina - the signage is art.

The Whalers Village is right next door to the hotel.    This is where I had my first experience with an ABC Store.    There isn't much they don't sell.   
 A big day out.  The Haleakala Crater.   We were told it could be very cold, but we lucked out, a clear day and warm enough for T shirts.      10,000 feet altitude made for a slow pace or you were soon out of breath.    What Mars looks like?

After three days on Maui, it was off to Waikiki on the island of Oahu.    I had to get a shot of the plane.    Strains of Hawaii Five 0 theme tune playing in my head....  Just like a bus, but really high....in the air.......minor gripping of arms of seat......only 30 minutes or so.......high.....in the air......did I mention my fear of flying?
Even more exciting was the view from the hotel (you can tell I don't get out much!).

My husband rocked up to the counter on check in, and somehow lucked out on the room.   We had been given an upgrade to a suite.    That meant we had a double bed each.    Look at the size of it.
As you can see, the kid and I had already claimed "dibs" on beds.   I made sure I got the TV straight on - yes I know I am on holidays, but at the end of a long day, it was nice to slip in to the sheets and catch up on what was happening around the rest of the world.   (Mostly it was news of the plane crash - so comforting for someone who has an aversion to flying). 
Our first evening meal in Waikiki was an early one at "The Cheesecake Factory".    Of course, the mosaic caught my eye.     After dinner, we wandered the main shopping strip of Waikiki.    The kid was happy, he found some "Vans" shoes for $20 and so the shopping began.    
Our first trip to a factory outlet was to the Weikele Centre.   The boys totally out shopped Christine and I.   We could be seen sitting at the bus stop, waiting patiently for the rest of our party, surrounded by bags and bags of stuff.    None of it was ours.    Between the pair of us, our grand purchases were a packet of shoe laces and some Godiva chocolates (guess who bought those).    I am not particularly brand orientated (unless it is to do with sewing/embroidery machines or KitchenAid), so if a handbag was $200 on sale, it still wasn't likely to get my attention.    The boys on the other hand........

and that haul is just my husbands!    The man has feet like Fred Flintstone - that didn't stop him from buying those stupid toe shoes!    I bet they end up at the Op Shop, sooner rather than later.

After dropping this lot off (including the men), Chris and I took a taxi to Walmart.    We didn't get lucky enough to see any of the famous/infamous people of Walmart, but it was a successful trip.   Lots of bargain buys and very good prices.   

Day two of shopping took place at the Ala Moana Centre.    Now that is a shopping centre.   Three levels at least and I got a bargain in Macy's.   It was a last minute dash, but I found the KitchenAid accessories and bought a pasta maker - now to get it home.

Being the 4th of July weekend, the beach was busy.    See all the people floating on lilos and rubber rings.    I bet there were some serious cases of sunstroke, sunburn and dehydration.   

My husband thought I had lost it when I said I saw a pirate ship.    I did see a Pirate Ship.  
   And boat races.   
Friday night (quite possibly after a few Bud Lights) saw my husband pick up another bargain.    He couldn't believe his luck - 2 pairs for $25.    My son is in the background thinking his father is nuts.   So Al bought 2 pairs - one went to the youngest member of the group.   Al said he would be wearing the whole ensemble on the bus tour we were taking - sadly Ethan believed him.   Ethan was spotted around town sporting the matching version only in bright red.    We couldn't have lost him if we tried!! 
Our tour started with the Pearl
 Harbour Memorial.   The bus picked us up at 6am.   
The tour also took in lots of beaches, the Dole Pineapple Plantation and a Macadamia Farm.     I found this beauty at the Macadamia Farm.       
We didn't see a lot of 'wild' bird life.    Chickens were aplenty.   So we took photos of those!
I have no idea what this tree is, but the flowers were stunning.   It was growing along the water front of Waikiki beach.
Last night stroll along Waikiki beach.    Boards all packed away for another day.

This was my first overseas trip in a very, very long time.    I had an absolute ball.   The family we travelled with were wonderful, making for a relaxed holiday.       We are keen to do another trip to Hawaii - our travelling companions have already booked another holiday.   We saw a lot on the bus tours and  would like to go back and investigate some places further.    I survived the plane flight (there were drugs involved) and am feeling I could spread my wings a little in time to come.  
JUST IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING...............30 KG overweight - our luggage not me.   Do you think that didn't cause some angst at 5 am - at the check-in counter.    If you go to a destination that has good shopping, do check with your travel agent or airline what costs are involved in purchasing extra weight for the way home.      Try and buy it  for the way home, before you go or at least before you get to the airport!!
We lucked out in the end, the first price quoted was $50 a kg, then a supervisor offered it to us at $30 a kg, then gave us a number to ring where we ended up paying $86 in total.   This was after I had tossed out anything in the suitcases  that was holiday junk - a bottle of wine, my husbands secret stash of hotel shampoos - you know, that kind of stuff!!!
I hope you enjoyed the Hawaii run down, now go hum the theme tune to Hawaii Five O.  
Sue xxx 

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