Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Transfer Ink for Hot Iron Transfers

Does anyone out in the land of all things art and quilty know the name of the transfer ink used to make Iron On Transfers.    I don't want the transfer paper/sublimation type because they leave a plastic film.   I believe you can print on 80gsm plain paper and then with print side down, iron your chosen design on to cotton.   Just like in the olden days when you bought the packs of transfers that are printed on tissue paper type products (along the lines of the Aunt Martha range).  It is some sort of ink for either ink jet or laser (not sure which printer type).   I am talking about doing multiple copies of one design.   Some people have had luck with laser print straight from the machine but this particular ink seems to give consistent results.

If you know what the magic is, would you please drop me a line either here or tiramisue at bigpond dot com!!

Thank you.

Sue xxx   


  1. I don't know but would be interesting in knowing if you find out, Tiramisue.

  2. I purchased some transfer pencils from Bunny Hill Patterns that you use to transfer designs. You print your design on paper, then turn over and trace on the back. Then you iron onto your fabric. That way, it's facing correctly..i.e. letters, etc. Hope this helps.


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