Monday, April 14, 2014


Okay, it's a long winded title.    These are a new variation on a theme.   Maurice and Mathilda as quick easy soft toys.   I am also working on turning them in to another batch of appliques.   The red and white fabric is Minke, so you can imagine how soft and cuddly these little guys are.   I have covered lots of hoop sizes with these - 4x4, 5x7, 6x10, 8x12 and 8x14.  (The 4x4 are tiny and may not be suitable for small children - just keep that in mind).   Having said that, the 4x4 make a great key/bag dingle dangle! 

So here is the whole gang, having a nap in amongst the cyclamen and other silvery leaves.  

The gnomes are listed on Etsy and can be found here.    They are available for each specified hoop (you get both Maurice and Mathilda) and there is also a bulk pack with all the sizes in the.    Perhaps they are just the thing for your  "after Easter" stitching!

Sue xxx

PS:  If you don't want to do "Etsy",  please don't hesitate to contact me here.   I have also made up cd's of the designs if you prefer a hard copy.    Postage will be calculated determined upon destination.  

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