Friday, October 10, 2014

Meerkats - Simples!

We have an advertisement on the TV featuring Meerkats - the talking Meerkat finishes the ad with the word "simples"  -   for those thinking I cant spell!'

Anyway, when I saw the artwork for these, I had to do them........and although the facial features are "simple" I think they are very expressive.   These come in four sizes for the embroidery machine.   They come in two styles - one with stripes, one without stripes.   As they are applique, they are pretty quick to stitch.   The biggest one is just about life size for a meerkat.   

Quilting was done using the Sweet 16 - I am enjoying using this machine!    The Vlysofix was having some sort of attack so even though the Meerkats where originally done with the trapunto technique, I had to over stitch some bits to try and disguise the puckering from the glue.   Still turned out pretty well.   

Designs are now up at Etsy - see side bar.

And for a chuckle - Meerkat Blooper Reel!

Have a great day.
Sue xxx

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  1. Meerkats with attitude (have you ever seen a meerkat that doesn't?). Now to think of names for them all!


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