Monday, January 11, 2016


Back from holidays and straight in to it!    Before I left I had painted some fabric with blue and green for some sort of scene.   Yesterday I decided on toadstools.     I am messing around making a needle book.   The design is a mixture of machine embroidered fill stitches and machine applique.   The toadstool caps are some scraps of acrylic felt and finished in the raw edge style.   The designs are now available in my Etsy shop in sizes for the 5x7 inch (130 x 180 mm) and the 8x8inch (200 x 200 mm)  hoops.   The 5x7 larger design is a split design but will go together very easily.  So if you haven't done a split design, this might be a nice easy one to try.

Front of the needle book.

Back of the needle book.

Still need to trim the inside - the book has four felt pages and is a good size - 1.  so you can put lots of pins and needles on each page and 2. if it is big, there is less chance I will loose it!

We had some crummy beach weather, but here are a few good shots I took of the mutt and clouds and storms and stuff!

Found a grown up beverage that I don't mind and is very refreshing on a hot summers evening - Pimm's with lemonade, mint, cucumber and strawberries - over some crushed ice.

Wednesday night we had dinner over at Bar Beach and the sky looked like this........

Then we headed back to the unit and the clouds out at sea behind Long Point were amazing.  There was a rainbow - you may be able to see it just to the right of Munn's Tower  (red roof).

Every couple of minutes the sky changed - it was sunset behind us so the clouds looked very yellow and pink at the front.   You can see the rain falling in the background.

As the clouds moved, the rainbow shifted position.

Rain or shine, everything is better at the beach!

Sue xxx

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