Friday, May 20, 2016

WELCOME TO ALICE'S GARDEN - an homage to Alice in Wonderland

I did this quilt for a friend of mine, whose daughter has just had a baby girl named - you guessed it - Alice. Fran is a huge fan of this version of Alice in Wonderland. My friend asked me to incorporate a few items from Fran's wedding in the quilt. At first I was having a cow, to quote Bart, but with a little bit of bright fabric and free reign I was off and running. Originally it was to be a baby quilt but we both realised that the quilt would have a limited time of appeal, so I 
 talked my mate in to some seriously psychedelic fabric and it just brought the whole thing together.

 The 'drink me' bottle is made up from the groom's shirt - it was a nice shirt, he could still wear it if he doesnt take his jacket off! This shirt is also under the blue butterfly. The grooms tie is under the lace table cloth at the tea table, and can also be found under the queen's crown. My friend's daughter has three young sons, so one of their ties was used for the signage on the tree - this way, that way, etc and the appliqued ties on Tweedledum and Tweedledee. A piece of lace from the brides dress is the lacy part of the tablecloth, and if you notice the 88 at the top of the tree, that represents the place where the groom proposed to his bride. The quilt top was quilted when Alice made her arrival, so I made up a new pocket watch and set the time at 12.18. I hope you enjoy the photo's.


  1. Love the quilt. Where did you get the machine embroidery patterns

    1. Hi Jill, because this was for a friend and Disney has very limited designs and fabric in this version, I did my own. Some of the non Disney designs will be up for sale eventually, the others will not be. I have just seen some Disney designs on They are tiny but will suit someone. Me, I like a bit more drama!

  2. What a spectacular quilt! This looks to be in tune with the new movie. It would take hours and hours for me to look this over. It's an amazingly creative, vibrant quilt.


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