Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have never tried these before (and those of you in the know may say - and don't do it again) but what a lot of fun! I have a bag of fabric treasures that hasn't been put away since I went to a class two years ago, and having moved it constantly from point A to point B, I decided to see what was in it. So the results are as follows.

I am such a good shopper at the Stitches and Craft Shows of the past, that I could add lots of sparkly Angelina Fibres (I buy this stuff on impulse - it sparkles and calls my name), wool roving in purple, braid, machine stitches and gold leaf pen.
I am teaching a class on machine embroidery next week, so I hope they will inspire and show a few techniques.
Of course, now I am left with these little pieces of jewel - can I throw them I - oh I so don't think so..... Perhaps they can become the next batch - they look a bit like opals - I'll see where that takes me.

On a very important note - as I am known for my PAST appreciation of this product - until they did the unthinkable and changed the recipe - could it be...... be still my beating heart.......
I can't see those awful words - Vegetable Oil = Palm Oil on the new packaging - can I go back to buying it???

Another little piece from Painter Essentials 4 - Watercolour.
Bye for now.

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