Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here is a small quilt I finished this week. I did learn something whilst sewing this! Make sure you have the right bobbin case in the right machine. Somehow mine got mixed up. I was trying to sew a 9mm satin stitch to make the stems and horrible crashing sounds and broken needles ensued. I took the machine to get it serviced and make sure the timing was correct ( the servicing was overdue anyway). After working on it, and doing test sewing (and breaking another needle) repair guy suddenly realised what the problem was. I do have a bad habit of taking things apart and not putting them away properly - I have made a mental note not to mix the two bobbin cases up again (and when I find something to write on metal I will mark them accordingly) - so the moral is - if you have a machine that is capable of 9mm stitches and another of that can only go as high as 6mm - keep the bobbin cases separate!

I spent an afternoon looking around the garden for things to shoot (in the nicest possible way), and managed to get these two fellas. I used a macro lens for both of them, the dandelion and bug came out really well, the other bug is not quite right, but I was holding the camera and didn't have it on a tripod (which apparently is the better choice when using a macro lens) and that's my story and I am sticking to it!!

Have a great week. Sue

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