Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Don't know where that is? It is part of the Sapphire Coast - south east coast of New South Wales - http://www.sapphirecoast.com.au/ - we always stay here - http://www.peninsularmerimbula.com.au/. Breakfast is eaten at The Waterfront Cafe, they do the best coffee and how is this for a breakfast of champions - eggs florentine - served on a home made potato rosti, with spinach, smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce washed down with freshly squeezed orange juice - not out of a bottle, and coffee. I have only been back three days, and I am missing the breakfast already!

How many days in a row can you eat this you may ask - quite a lot actually (I am sure by the end of the holiday my arteries are screaming for mercy!). I did have a change occasionally and tried the pancakes with strawberries and rhubarb, pancakes with fresh fruit and a croissant with jam. Some days I did manage over 10,000 steps (you thought I was going to say calories didn't you!) in fact one day I did over 17,000 - I was in bed early that night!

This is the view from the Waterfront - how good is that?

Then there are the things you can see on the way to the beach.

The sunsets were spectacular for the first couple of evenings because of backburning in the surrounding forests.
One of the things the elf and I like to do is stand under the planes as they come in on a night - picture - Pushing Tin - without the 747's. It is loud, but fun. (I am easily amused). They are a challenge to photograph though.
This was the second full moon for March (blue moon) - well this is night two, the first night of the full moon was very windy on the beach, so I had multiple exposures of the moon because the lens was shaking in the breeze so much. This turned out well, I had it printed at 8 x 10 at the camera shop and the detail is quite good.

I have a fabulous moon type chair to sit on at the beach. I can keep out of the breeze and drape a towel over my head (very stylish) to keep the sun at bay - I am not suited to the sun - Morticia Adamms is my style. On this particular day, the elf happened to notice this, which resulted in much squealing of get it off, get it off. Needless to say I could not sit comfortably in it for the rest of the morning. (Redback spiders are poisonous - enough said).

So whilst I reclined like a queen in my chair, the lads did this kind of stuff.

and I took pictures - from my chair.

A visit to Magic Mountain was up this year. We have been avoiding it for years, but with other families from the apartment block we had a great day. There is a toboggan, a small roller coaster and of course, a couple of water slides. Although I had been thinking there was something a little hinky with my brand new camera lens it was becoming clearer that the issues I was having were NOT ME!! I stood dutifully at the bottom of the water slides, waiting for everyone to come out at the end and then I would capture their decent. Ha!! The camera would just stop shooting. So my darling husband and the elf would come out of the slides like a shot out of a cannon, and the button wouldn't work. Their first words were "did you get that" to be greeted with "no - sorry, you will have to go again" I didn't have a problem with this, as I wasn't in the water, but by the time they had all made it on to the water slides, the clouds were coming over and the water was only about 20degrees celcius and everybody was cold (except me, cause I was well dressed). The elf was shivering (hey if you have no body fat, you're gonna get cold), so I got lots of pictures like this:

This pelican had us all ducking for cover down at the Eden wharf. His take off was less than elegant.

I did get up early to try for a sunrise, but apparently from those in the know, I need to be on the other side of that point.

Camera issues caused a lot of pictures like this...

but I am pleased to say that the lens has been replaced and I hope that the replacement doesn't let me down.

Norman was very glad to be home. A comfy chair, the heater on, life is good.

Have a great week. I look forward to getting back into sewing - soon!!

Sue xxx

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  1. Just popped back in for a visit, after a loooong absence, and LOVED this post, Sue. It captures beautifully your typical Merimbula experience. Such beauty in those photos (oh, except the Magic Mountain ones)!! What a shame hubby and 'the elf' (where did that term come from?) won't have you along to create a pictorial record of their o/s experience in July!!!


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