Sunday, August 29, 2010


The tv cabinet I picked up off eBay last week, has now had five coats of paint,  a bit of arty sanding, and a rub down with beeswax.   The computer and printer now have a much nicer home.   

One thing I didn't notice until I was down on my hands and knees sanding was this little detail.

A penny from 1913.    I decided to leave the decorated door as it was, mostly because I would still be trying to remove it three weeks next Friday.      Let's see how long it takes me to have things stuffed in, on and under....

I also got wheels added to my "design wall".   I like saying that...."design wall" - I have one of those now.   I also finished the two strips for this quilt and added an extra row of the disappearing nine patch.   Just need to add the thin white borders and then the final floral and then it is quilting time.   Maybe later in the week.

And what is a post without Norman.    Three weeks of Prozac has kept the old Norm a little subdued with a hint of hissy.    A couple more days and he should be back to his charming/vicious personality that we all know and love (that would be a hint of sarcasm there) but hopefully the floor can take a rest - who knows, next we will get a dog and seriously mess with his head.  Bwaaahhh.

Bye for now.   Sue xxx


  1. Good god, woman - not more painting! And FIVE coats!!!! Bunnings must love you!

  2. Ooh, the cabinet came up a treat - looks fantastic. A MOVEABLE design wall; nice!


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