Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The carnival is well and truly over here in Melbourne, but for my captive audience, here are a few highlights from the past month.  

This household needs a dog, so with the show schedule in hand, I suggested to my sister that we should take all the kids (that would be 3 - we haven't over produced in my family)  as I wanted to check out my dream dog which was showing that day.  It has been a bizillion years since I last went, Lynn can't remember the last time she went, and we figured we would look like superwomen if we actually made the effort during the school holidays.   So on the first Wednesday of the school holidays we headed out bright and early for a big day out.   As we might as well live at the ends of the universe some days, and peak hour traffic being an essential ingredient if you want to get to your destination in time to see what you want to see, it took a good hour and a half to make it to the Flemington Show Grounds.   Don't mention the train - I do not do public transport.   I had checked out the times for the dogs so we headed off to this pavillion first.  (I should add at this point that I thought we would be at the Show for a couple of hours and that we could then call it quits and go home -  I only wanted to see the dogs really, the kid wanted a couple of show bags and one of my nieces wanted to look longingly at horses).    I found my dogs and had a nice chat with the owners and cooed longingly.    This is what I am after:

A wolfhound or a deerhound - nothing too big really.    How fabulous are those faces.  Just a matter of finding one now.  (Not an easy task let me tell you). 

There is a face under all this fur - I can just make out an eye....

I do not understand this, and there were people hanging a really really long way up in the air on other rides.  I feel sick looking at them spinning wildly in the universe, hoping that some peanut has put all the bolts on correctly.   Perhaps it's just me. 

 Truly this cow looked so comfy, all she needed was a blanket and somebody to sing a lullaby. (I should add, this could also be a bull, but unless your an aficionado, we go with cow)
We did learn a very interesting fact about some of the cows on display - we were watching their handlers adding something red to the water, and it looked like cordial.   We were laughing about raspberry milkshakes - as you do - but apparently the cows didn't like the chlorine in the Melbourne Water, and would only drink if it had  raspberry cordial in it.   Who knew??

These lads were daring or daft..... 
and I wanted to know who thought this was a great idea for the school holidays?   Can you imagine  how many boys were thinking - let's try this at home?    Nothing like giving 10 year olds an idea to run with.  

So as I said - I was expecting to get away with a couple of hours - max -   We didn't leave until after 6 pm.    It took another 1 and 3/4 hours to get home - a fair swag of that time was just getting out of the carpark.    As my son is now 15, I am thinking that this could quite possibly be the last time I will have to voluntarily attend with him, next time he wants to go he can find some friends to ride those stomach churning rides with.

As I mentioned earlier, it was school holiday time, so we took another little trip up to my favourite place, Merimbula.   Good heavens it was cold.     We arrived by lunchtime and by 3.30 I was convinced that the aches and pains I was suffering were not from the car trip, but by some rotten bug that I had collected.  Sure enough I spent the entire holiday with a hacking cough and runny nose - as it turns out my sister also came down with the same thing on the same day, so I named it "Carny Flu" in honor of the show.

And so the pelicans were left in peace, I only took a few shots this holiday - most unlike me - so here are a couple of the better ones -

In between birthdays and holidays, I have managed to do a bit of sewing and even played around with my digitizing program for the embroidery machine.   I volunteered to do a sail boat for somebody and then it started to grow into a small project.    I am currently quilting the thing at the moment and will do another one, now that I have straightened out a few hiccups.  I plan on giving it to a group who distribute charity quilts and am putting polar fleece as the backing to keep it soft.  

 The elf wanted to know why the fish looked like it was smiling - I said I was trying not to frighten small children - for a change.
 Have a good week everybody.    Sue xxx


  1. Sue - I saw you out walking the other day. There seemed to be something missing. No accessories. I know what it was ..... you need a large furry animal trotting by your side!

  2. Laughed my head off at your post, as I always do. Love the "carny flu" reference (as if you needed anything to remind you never to return to the showgrounds!). On a positive note, the sailboats look fabulous!


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