Friday, October 15, 2010


Here is a little project I have been working on this week.    The plan, and I do use the word "plan" in a very hopeful sense, is that once this is quilted and washed, the edges will form that nice "used and loved" look.

When digitizing the roses for these blocks, I also added a cutting line to give the shape of the block.  Once the  rose design was sewn out, the outside edge was then used as the cutting line to give the final block size.
Each piece was sewn using two layers of  the same fabric.  Once each section was finished, the pieces were trimmed back, leaving a good 1/4 inch plus allowance, which should fray on washing.     Some fabrics do not fray well, so do as I say, not as I do, and do a sample first!

Using the duck bill scissors is a great way of making sure you don't cut through the layers underneath.

And here she is, pinned to the design wall.    

The pink and green fabrics are from my stash of hand dyes that have been around for some time.  I always hate cutting into them because they always look so pretty in a complete set of rainbow colours, but truly,  it just gives me an excuse to get back into the laundry and do another round  of pretty colours.    Because I didn't have enough of the pink to do a small sashing,  I opted instead to do a narrow piping instead.  Notice I did my mitred corners (see here Never Fail Mitred Corner)

I now just have to decide how to quilt and what colour thread, although I am leaning towards the bright pink.
Bye for now.   Sue xxx


  1. That is so pretty with pink against the black and white, wow! I love the sailboats and fish wall hanging too. Do you prefer rayon over polyester for your embroidery? I am getting back into embroidery and wanting to get started and can't decide. I wonder if you could share your thoughts, thanks

  2. Sue I just love this quilt Are you going to do a tutorial with patterns or a pattern we can buy? Would love to try my hand at this one. Tanks Jude3944 from Sew Forum

  3. Jude, I hope to post the design, when I finish the quilt - which I hope will be soon.....

  4. Suzann, Did you every post this on sew forum? It's so pretty thought I'd ask again Thank you

  5. Sorry Jude, I haven't yet. I am the world's biggest "gunna" You know - gunna do this, gunna do that. Stay tuned.....
    Sue xxx


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