Thursday, December 30, 2010


 Here is O'Reilly, Irish Wolfhound......all 8 weeks of age.   We picked him up from Tullamarine Airport this afternoon.     He is pictured with the remnants of yoghurt on his nose.    No sooner had we got him in the car than he curled up and slept for an hour until we got him home.    Below is O'Reilly enjoying his second nap for the evening.   I trust this means I will not be up between 12 and 2 am entertaining him!

Harv is very interested in O'Reilly's bed -  the introduction to the cats has been relatively good (so far).   I guess Norman will show his displeasure soon by peeing on something.      I have the mop and bucket handy.

My husband, who was keen to have a lap dog but gave up/in when I scoured the Eastern Seaboard looking for a Wolfhound pup, is totally smitten.   O'Reilly has been referred to in the past weeks as "halfahorse". 

Happy New Year

Sue xxx


  1. Sue - O'Reilly's utterly gorgeous! Can't wait to see his head poking out of the sunroof of the car! With flying helmet and goggles?
    I think the cats had better use some common sense here and get him on their side - any neighbourhood disputes and they could drop the comment, "Meet our friend O'Reilly ..."

  2. David suggested that Alan make you a little sulky ....... but are sulkies allowed on the Warburton Trail ......?


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