Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Norman taking in the view - watching the dog.    

Below is a baby Kookaburra, awaiting Mum and Dad's return with food.    You know they are coming because they sit in the trees and "laugh" announcing their arrival.  

Having another play with my digitising software - I posted this quilt block over at Sewforum.   Whilst repetition is not my strong point, I got on with it and made a small quilt top.  I need to add the borders of course, but I was working with a couple of remnant pieces of fabric so will have to take it shopping to find just the right fabric - there's a good excuse to buy fabric!

As it is supposed to be summer time here, (all we seem to get is liquid sunshine), it is cherry time.   For Christmas I was given this little gadget......

It takes the joy of eating cherries to a whole new level.    I usually each cherries by standing over the rubbish bin and elegantly spit the pips as I go - attractive I know.   Now I can load the little suckers into this gadget...

and hey presto, you get a hole and no pip.  Brilliant.

Here are a few I prepared earlier - well actually I put these in a small bowl to photograph and share, but decided to skip the last bit.   They were just too good.  (If you like olives, it does them too).   I knew there were gadgets out there for this kind of thing, but didn't realise what a simple task it makes of cherry pips!

I bought these two beauties from Urban Threads.  They were having a sale on some items for $1 each.   The site has a lot of designs that would appeal to the younger set, especially those trying out "Goth" for size.  I do like a good skull and some of the gothic stuff is just lovely.   I did these today just to see how they stitched out.   The Vampire Hunting Kit didn't have the frame around it, so I added a rope style frame.   I think I will frame the bird (it appears to quote from "The Raven", by Edgar Allen Poe) and hang it in the bathroom downstairs.

And now we move on to the portion of the program where we have a look at O"Reilly......

When he arrived on the 30/12, him and the crate weighed in at 10kg.    When I took him to the vet on Tuesday last week for a getting to know you, here's a liver treat, don't mind whilst I stick a thermometer up your butt session, he weighed in at 9.6kg, all by himself.   I swear he looks to have doubled in size in just over a week.

We were wondering if he was actually going to bark - he did when he was chasing Norman.   When he wakes up he howls like a banshee.   Being an older mother, I can't say  I found this overly amusing at 4am, 5.30am and 7.15am, but he is at least now sleeping in until 6ish.

He does like this outdoor chair - it won't fit him for very long.

The outdoor shoe rack is going to become somewhat obsolete - he can already reach shoes on levels one, two and three if he really tries hard.   This is at least making some members of the family actually remove their shoes pronto!

I am facinated that he can stretch out like this.   If he were human you would swear that he sleep walks.   During his many daytime naps, O'Reilly may start on the mat, but between stretching, rolling and dragging himself under the kitchen chairs, he is never in the spot you last saw him.   

Sometimes whilst O'Reilly sleeps, the phantom comes to visit.....

Never staying very long, but always lurking!

Sue xxx


  1. I can't believe (it's not butter) that the domestic goddess did not have a cherry stoner (or de-pipper or whatever)! Your education is sadly lacking.........
    P.S. Are you bringing O'Reilly to Julie's on Thursday? Give Gizmo a treat? Or is Gizmo a snack for O'Reilly?

  2. Pretty cute doggy photos, even coming from not-a-dog-person! I SOOOO need one of those cherry stoning machines; it looks fantastic!

  3. Was that Norman I saw on Q.I. tonight? According to Alan Davies, looking very angry!?!?


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