Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have been slowly working away on this  project.    I have digitized all the appliqued fish myself and am quite pleased with the results so far.    Each one gets a bit of a tweaking as I sew them out, so it does take a little time.   The fabric is painted and then rock salt was liberally sprinkled  and created a speckled effect.  I did this - possibly two years ago - so I am not sure of the paints I used.   There is of course, a bit of gold dust splattered about.

Here are a few closeups of the fish.    I added some colour to the yellow fish because they just took over (if that is possible with such a group of bright orange fish.   

I think I know where I am going with this piece, but we will see what happens with the next stage.   The waterlilies are incomplete - I am working on the next two layers of petals, to give a 3D effect.  The waterlily leaves came from ABC Embroidery or Anna Bove Embroidery.     It took me forever to find them in my stash of embroidery designs,  I knew I had them because I had sewn a couple out before, but chose to use some sort of obscure filing system on the computer, which I am sure made sense at the time......

Here is Harv, trying reeaaallly hard to get a tummy rub.   Norm hasn't been sighted a lot, preferring to remain upstairs away from O'Reilly (aka Gonzo the Giant).    He did make his presence briefly known by doing what he does best (peeing on the carpet), but over the last week has finally accepted that life as he knew it, was to include a large dog (who just wants to play).   No Prozac has been used at this point.

On the goldfish front, there was a little hiccup.   Coles/Myer (names are interchangeable here) was given the traditional burial, complete with the last post being played  through pursed lips, as the flushing was completed.    A replacement Coles/Myer was installed, this time a comet, and so far all is going well in the tank.    The fantail has accepted his new tank mate.   

And of course, I can't finish without the O'Reilly Dog.   Puppies can seriously eat into your day, it is like having a new baby in the house, only it moves and the mop and bucket are on permanent standby.    Now at 16 weeks, O'Reilly weighed in at 26kilo's.    He has had to adjust his sleeping habits with regards to his favourite chair.......

We are currently doing puppy school, after receiving our diploma in puppy kinder.     There is nothing like crouching down, doing the  "come O'Reilly, come "- and having a large dog without brakes (and not much in the way of co ordination some days) screaming down the hall towards you - sometimes it just doesn't end well!
Ohh, and there was one of these in the last couple of weeks.    It was a big number - the amount of candles does not represent the actual amount of time I have been here.   
Til next time.
Sue xxx


  1. Gorgeous quilt! Intense colours. Lovely to see someone take time over something - am jealous as I have no patience!

  2. Happy Birthday "Old Duck"! (Your Man of the House's words, not mine!)
    I think you'll have to explain the rock salt thingy to your devoted readers - some may not know what you are on about!
    The fish look gorgeous - can't wait to see the finished lily pads.
    Keep on sewing!


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