Sunday, March 20, 2011




Honestly, that cat, if he isn't using my design wall as a scratching post, he is using it as a climbing frame.

When not dealing with the critters, I have been playing with Cathedral Windows, which seem to be back on the menu at the moment.    I have done a couple of samples so far, and am working on one with an Asian Theme, trying to use up some of the dreaded stash.  

Here is my take....

My method allows for insertion in to a quilt,  so I will report back when I finalise the right way and wrong way to do it!

Had a Martha Stewart moment and created this....

Lemon Meringue Pie - from scratch - nothing beats it!   With my failing memory I had to make myself stand in front of the oven and wait for the meringue to brown.   I have a bad habit these days of waking away and  doing something else - by the time I think - ooh something smells nice - it usually means the item in the oven has been burnt to perfection as the elf describes it!   I did order a kitchen timer - hopefully it will be really loud, this may help.

Now here is the O'Reilly dog.    Weighing in this week at 33.1kg at 4 1/2 months.   We have been doing puppy school - and we graduated  - so from next week we are on to obedience lessons.    O'Reilly had pretty much mastered the "sit" command  from day one especially when it comes to his meal time.    Sit/stay is good sometimes, although in class he does have a tendency to get tired of waiting  and usually ends up laying down (this seems to be a favourite position - laying down).   Wolfhounds do like doing things in their own time.   He really took to doing the "A" frame/Tunnel/Boardwalk section of the class - but he does have a tendency to send the tunnel skidding across the floor when he hits it.  

Here is the boy and his bear - teddy is missing an arm and had just been disemboweled at this point - another little job - re stuff and put the arm back on.

This is how the bear lost his arm.....

Re-arranging the agapanthus.

Resting between gardening and finding new ways to make a mess....
Don't you just love those ears - we call this the double comb over - kind of like when men grow long bits of hair and pull it over the bald spot.  

Hope you enjoy the photo's.
Bye for now
Sue xxx


  1. Instead of a kitchen timer, maybe you should get a clip on timer that you wear. Fly lady used to have one.

  2. The lemon meringue pie really does it for me! My oven timer has three sound levels and on Sunday when I was baking muffins, "someone" knocked the button and made it really, really quiet.......... (but I managed to save them before they became "crispy"!)
    P.S. Was Gonzo the Giant attracted to the pie?
    P.P.S. And did you have to hang it from a sky hook to cool?

  3. Great pie Sue, but I understand how you can get distracted...I did that with the casserole this week...completely forgot and ended up with a burnt mess. Hubs still ate it though!!

    Luv O'Reilly, he's a beauty and those ears made me laugh.

    It was good to meet you on Tuesday.


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