Thursday, December 15, 2011


Christmas shopping has finally started in this house.   Nobody knows what they want, need or desire (except Santa, because she always likes expensive things).  So my sister and I made our way to Knox City last night for a bit of a marathon shop.  Just for sympathy sake - I should announce here that some bludger gave me a head cold, so I am less than enthused about shopping - we took our time - couldn't say that either of us achieved - but we did have a laugh when we saw this.

Does anybody employ spell checkers in the garment trade?  These shirts were done with a very bold metallic print - it made me laugh.   Ahh, simple things.

Sue xxx


  1. Is that why they were on special? Or are Knox City shoppers illiterate? Whoops - I taught at a school nearby in a former life...... (not my fault!!!!)


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