Thursday, October 11, 2012


The Babushka Pin Cushion post has been one of the most popular posts on my blog (its in the tutorial section on the side bar).    Now, here is "The Everso Slightly Chunky Ninja"!   The crew will be available on Etsy shortly or you can contact me here for details.
This one looks worried.
Back View - looks like he has a bit of a dowagers hump - never mind, more room to stick the pins in...
Here he is holding the quick unpick in a non threatening manner.
Unlike his mate, who looks like he would like to stab you in the eye with it!

The belt could be used to stash your needles, whilst the hands (a loose knot) can hold either his practice fighting stick (first pic) or one of your other sewing necessities.

Have a great weekend.
Sue xxx
PS  There is no extra charge for the fluff!!

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