Monday, October 15, 2012


"Mummy Pincushion"  not the most catchy name, but here's one I prepared earlier.....

"The Mummy" is available over on Etsy in either a machine embroidery format or in a sewing pattern.  Both will be sent via email and include all instructions for finishing.  There may also be a reference to an autopsy stuffing - I watch way too much crime on TV.   This is a fairly quick project, designed for the large embroidery field of  300 x 200.  I am working on a smaller one. 

You could make a whole string of them for Halloween, do the "elf on a shelf" thing with a Mummy, the possibilities are endless.

'Til next time.
Sue xxx

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  1. Stick pins in a mummy?!? Scarey!!!!! But another great idea from the queen of quirky ideas!


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