Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well the biggest baby in the house turned 2 on Tuesday.    He is a fine specimen of an Irish Wolfhound.    The elf and I decided to make him a cake.   Cake baked - cooling nicely on the rack.   I left the 'brains trust' keeping an eye on the dog who was in a deep coma on his mat.   Playing possum it would seem.    No sooner did I make it to the top of the stairs, than bang went the gate, clang went the cake rack.     Couldn't wait for cake apparently!!    Saved some of it although no longer suitable for human consumption!
So back to the cake making drawing board...... at least we had something for afternoon tea.
So we sang happy birthday, you will notice there are no candles - O'Reilly is fast, I was taking no chances.......

 Hurry up, I need cake
Your singing is horrible, hurry up....
Stop teasing me, I need cake......
now you see, now you don't....
The husband was off work most of last week with some bacterial infection of the blood stream, he is fine now, after all he had O'Reilly keeping an eye on things whilst he slept the day away on the couch.
I ran a Mystery Quilt last week for my quilting group.     We made a Double Wedding Ring quilt top - my way.      Everyone seemed to have a good day - it is a long day, 10 am to 10 pm.   So hopefully next month I will have some finished quilt tops to show.   
I had a lovely note from a quilter who purchased a set of my African Masks.   She is faster than I am, and has produced an amazing quilt (mine is still being   'embellished" to death).   Go and have a look at her blog - Quiltaholic.     I am tickled pink to see my first set of designs sewn out, and, I get rave reviews.   
Have a great week.
Sue xxx

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  1. A doggy after my own heart when it comes to cake! NOTHING stands in my way!


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