Monday, November 26, 2012


Fluffing around with fluffy sheep.   I finished a small baby blanket just in time for a quilters meeting.   I bound it more than once, let's just say it was a tad smaller finished the second time around!

The baby rug/mini quilt was constructed using flannelet for the front with a polar fleece backing.  The sheep are appliqued using more polar fleece giving them a fluffy look.    I found some lace daisies in the stash and scattered them around.   I thought the quilting would be a quick project, good gravy was I wrong!   I bought myself a new machine (Bernina - 780 -  code name Bernice) and I think I have to actually read the instructions when it comes to the BSR, otherwise we could come to blows.......

If you like the sheep, they are over at Etsy for $3 the set.   They are for the bigger hoops.
The ram measures 167mm x 164mm (6.56inches x 6.83inches), the doe measures 144mm x 149mm (5.67inches x 5.87inches) and the lamb measures 96mm x 116mm (3.75inches x 4.54inches) - I still don't 'get' the metric finish to imperial measurements but that is the figure that Embird produces - who am I to question it!!     There is also a sitting doe included in the set 144mm x 118mm (5.67 inches by 4.63 inches) - same doe, no legs!

If you have any questions, drop me a line here tiramisueatbigponddotcom.

I am back to stitching more sheep.  

Have a great week.
Sue xxx

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