Sunday, April 14, 2013


After having a break from this project and playing with rabbits,  I got back into the swing of the boat quilt/bedspread and finished it.    There are lots of photo's so hopefully I have covered all the different parts of this piece.    As it is such a large piece, I needed to find a simple way to put it all together and make the quilting of each piece easier for me to handle.   I used a thin polyester type batting in between the layers, but it still came out pretty hefty.  Each strip was embroidered, quilted and then stitched together to create a raggy quilt in strips.    I have seen this done for smaller baby/children's quilts and had a ''duh moment' - how easy is this for a larger quilt - if it suited the particular theme.     So for anyone who asks, the shaggy bits are the sea "foam".
You can see that the end of the quilt has been boxed - this should, and I say should optimistically, make it easy for the elf to make the bed!!     I checked with the kid if he could cope with the colours I had chosen for the room - (he is nearly 18) and he wasn't fussed.   The room is his room, but will also double as a guest room.     The colour is called "Mineral Showers".   I spent one afternoon painting the one wall from beige to this colour, it is beautiful.   I did add  some Floetrol to the paint so I could create the look of a lime wash like I did in my bedroom, but for my hours spent carefully cross hatching the only way you can tell that a brush was used is if you stand next to the wall and look at it into the sunlight.   From front on, it looks like the perfect paint job - oh well!!  
The beige curtains will go at some point, but for now they will stay, and I need to find some artwork for the wall.    There are a lot of pictures because in reality this room isn't big enough to swing a cat, but it is just for sleeping and the views make the best curtains of all.
I finished the clipping over a couple of days.   I made  the quilt as two pieces for easier washing.    I took the lot down to the Laundromat and put it through a cold wash and then for a spin in the dryer - the shaggy look was complete, the lint filter at the laundromat was chockablock.



Each time we visit Merimbula, I try and add a bit of decoration here and there.   This time I found these in the hardware shop (they have a lovely gift/decor section).    The propeller was a brown/copper colour but I the paint was there so I gave it a bit of green to add some verdigris.    

I finally found a space for the "Pirate Quilt". (If you want to see the detailing up close, you can see them here in Photobucket).   No doubt this wall will end up a different colour sooner rather than later, and the TV that is next to it, will get a new lower stand, but at least it has made it up on a wall finally!

Two weeks on holiday is gone in a flash.    I hope you enjoy some of these snaps just to finish up.
Husband and son coming back into the lake after an abysmal morning of fishing.......


O'Reilly enjoying an icy pole on the Boardwalk......

Fur seal having a rest in the lake.   Sometimes the odd seal arrives in the lake for a rest on their journey.   We saw a number of them out in the bay one evening, just lazing around, scaring the fish away!!

Someone was feeding the seagulls - there is a lot of fighting between the recipients!

This fellow didn't seem to mind me taking a few shots at his fishing endeavours.

Breakfast at the Waterfront Cafe never fails to deliver.......

and finally the journey home.    O'Reilly had been shunted to the back of the car for the first part of the trip home.    He wasn't happy, he likes to be up near his mum.......he won!!

Hope you enjoyed the holiday snaps.   Til next time.
Sue xxx


  1. Love the finished product (quilt/bedspread), Sue - just fabulous! The boxed ends are brilliant, and the bedroom looks great. Love your holiday shots, too ... and those 2 weeks did pass in a flash, didn't they?

    1. Thanks Christine. Realising that time is passing so fast and soon the elf will be busy doing other things. PS I have passport, am good to go!


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