Saturday, March 23, 2013


I'm surrounded.    Here are the last (for the minute) of the Bunny Collection.
He still needs a tail - how did I miss that!

 The Tickly my Tummy Bunny and his Bunny Buddy and a spare foot.....

The Bunny Buddy is ideal for little hands.   His head and feet are all that are stuffed.   He comes in two sizes - the larger one is in two pieces (200 x 300 hoop) plus a tail  and the smaller one is in one piece (plus a tail) and is made in the 360 x 200 hoop.  I know, it doesn't compute, but that is how it worked out!

Now it is back to sail boats and a couple of jobs for customers.   Sue xxx

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  1. Cute as a button - and just in time for Easter!!!!!


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