Friday, March 22, 2013


Easter is coming, rabbits around my house are thanking their lucky stars!    What started as a softee for a baby, became a bunny who looks like he is just begging to have his tummy tickled, that led to an applique, which led to  a bunny rug, and then before you know it, we have "Lucky Rabbits' Feet" !!

Disclaimer - no bunny perished in this bit of nonsense - you will also note that it has the right amount of toes - bunnies have 4 toes, not 3 - I know because I rang my resident bunny handler and made them count Hamo's toes!!

Here is Hamo - proper title Hamish.    He is a giant breed - the girls in my family like large pets. 

When my nieces where much younger, the family made a trip to some friends who lived in the country.    The man of the house was a huntin/shootin kinda guy and he presented both the girls with a rabbit's foot each.    It took a moment or two, but then they both realised with horror what a rabbit's foot was!    Guess what Auntie Sue has for you both - bwwaahhh......

I have made these into bag hangers and key holders.    I am thinking they would be cute filled with lavender for the undies drawer, catnip for a cat toy, or a toy for a small dog - sorry O'Reilly, you could choke on one!     The digitized files are available over on Etsy - 3 sizes for $5.00.    If you want one ready made - contact me through the email address on the side bar.

Sue xxx 

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