Friday, March 22, 2013


Easter coming and all those Lindt Easter Rabbits must be having an effect.   Stitching rabbits is becoming madness.    Here are some applique rabbits - just screaming to have their tummies tickled!!

This one is designed for the  extra large  hoop (360 x 200mm)....can you say "somebunny invested in a new 10 needle machine"?

This little guy is designed for a 5 x 7 hoop  (he does look a little like he has had his fringe cut in a somewhat odd manner).

And this one is sized at 300 x 200mm.    

 I used scraps of polar fleece to make the appliques.   One outlines means you only have to take the hoop out once - this makes for a pretty quick stitch out.    The outline is not a tight satin stitch cover as it is design more for fabrics that don't fray such as minke or polar fleece, but if you can cope with little poky bits, then they will work with any fabric.  
Each size is available over at my Etsy shop for just $3 each.   
Happy Easter stitching.
Sue xxx 

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