Saturday, June 22, 2013

Feathery Update

The quilt is well underway, quilting done, just adding more "stuff" because I can't leave well alone.

Some in the quilt world are living by the mantra "Put a bird on it" - for me, it is usually butterflies or dragonflies.  I have also used the fancy stitches on my machine.   You still need to use some sort of stabilizer underneath the quilt when using these stitches.   I used tear away first on a couple of rows but this is somewhat problematic because it is a PITA to get all the bits out of the embroidery.   I have now had a go with the wash away stabilizer.  I will wash the quilt when I have finished everything, after clipping the wash away as close as possible to the stitching.     I use the vylene type wash away.
      The butterflies and a couple of the big flowers have been added after I did the quilting.     This means the design is visible on the back.    The first design I added, I didn't think and used the blue thread in the bobbin.   It is okay, but then I wound some bobbins with the colours in the flowers and used them on each colour change.   They are not offensive is all I can say!

Included in the sets, are some quilting outlines.    It is hard to photograph blue on blue.   Basically, it is a bird with leaves on each side.   There is also a flower and leaf outline and a single flower and leaf.     
I have added flowers to the design file for the single baby on the branch.   He looks good either way.
I am now working on a 5inch x 7inch set.    I am please the way they look in yellow.   I used gold metallic for the head and tail feathers. 


Each design set consists of  at least 20 designs and will be available in 360 x 200, 300 x 200 and 5 x 7 (sorry, I think that is 180 x 130 - I flip between metric and imperial measurements - not necessarily in a good way).   If there is a single design you are interested in, then you can email me here for pay pal details.  Single designs will be available for $3 each, the full set will be $20.

Norm is giving the quilt a bit of loving and a stamp of approval - who am I kidding - it is soft, it is in the sunshine, it is a perfect storm.    He has seen my new suitcase and has struck as the phantom piddler once again.   I am currently waging chemical warfare with him.    He is under constant watch and is spending a lot more time out in the cat run.

Well, back to the machine, bird nest squares to do next in 5 x 7 and then I am hoping to finish the quilt  to take to the Guild tomorrow night for show and tell.

Bye for now.
Sue xxx 

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