Tuesday, September 24, 2013

From Sheeps to Christmas with a Clutching Hand thrown in for good measure!

Sheep stitching has continued with the applique sheep still a work in progress.  I quilted one of the sample stitch outs and it will probably end up being a cushion.  I used one of the Frixion pens to mark the stars to be quilted.   I find it best to mark my quilt tops when I am adding a shape to the stippling.  That way I get a slightly more even distribution.   Doesn't have to be a shape, just X marks the spot before I start.

Even though sheep are still in plentiful supply in my attic of catastrophes, and someone wants a black one, because in her words, "there is one in every family",  I had a change of direction and digitised Santa, because after all, there are just over 90 days to Christmas.  

So here is Santa, I have sewn Santa a lot in the last couple of days, in lots of sizes.  If you are wondering why there are two of every size, that is because I have done a 'rustic' one, where the satin stitch is  one that offers a softer look and then there is the "proper"one.  That's the one where if you cut really carefully, you won't have pokies.   I did, but by Santa 12, I was losing the will to live.   The 4in x 4in one even comes in a fully filled design with no applique at all.     Here are some of them.

And the clutching hand?   Well, I do find bones and skulls somewhat amusing.    So I made a hand skeleton.   Someone I used to work with, told tales of her parents (who had a somewhat warped sense of "ways to get your kids to do stuff")  child rearing theory -  if you don't go to sleep, THE CLUTCHING HAND,  will visit.   Riotous stuff when you are going to bed....... in the dark.....
My hand is so much "clutching",  as just hanging around.   The left one could almost be waiting for someone to 'put a ring on it'! 

Then, just to throw another idea in to the mix, I moved back to a cat idea that it half finished.   I saw a crocheted cat bag and went back to the cat and put this little cutie together.    It is still a work in progress, but it will be finished soon, maybe not your soon, but soon.....

Now it wouldn't be a blog post without O'Reilly.   So here he is.   He has been shut out of the kitchen.   This is his, "oooh, your eating bacon, I love bacon, are you sure I can't come in the kitchen with you and help you eat your bacon" face!
This is not to be confused with the "I was just helping" face.
Bye for now.
Sue xxx

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