Monday, September 2, 2013


Know anyone who likes sheep?   There have been a number of test embroideries,  so my sewing room is now overrun with these young ladies!
So far the sheep are available for the 14 x 14 embroidery hoop and the 14 x 8 embroidery hoop (some sewing machine work is required if you do not have the jumbo hoop - but it is very simple stitching).  The smaller sheep will fit in the 14 x 8 and is completed in one hooping.  All require a small amount of hand stitching to close the opening after stuffing.  They are over here.

I hope to be able to add a very large applique sheep shortly.   This will also be available for the 14 x 14 hoop.   
I have also just added a bird cage for the 12 x 8 hoop (200 x 300) - $3 in a number of formats.   This is based on the bird cage in my "Ghastlies Quilt".   The cage is digitised so you can add a bird of your own if you wish. As you can see here, the bird has already 'left'!

Back to counting sheep.

Sue xxx

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