Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Finally got to take the Sweet 16 for a good spin.   I have been trying to teach myself how to do feathers.   I have the theory down pat, just need to practice, practice, practice!!   In a moment of insanity at some time in the last couple of years, I felt the need to buy a jellyroll of batik fabrics.  I put a quilt top together late last year and finally went back to it and added "stuff" as is my style.  So teal gekkos it is!   These little guys/gals are available in my Etsy Shop - here!  There are two styles in each size and start from as low as $2 Au.   I have used two colours in the ones stitched here, but I have given plenty of colour stops to add more shades if you choose.   The two filled gekkos are available in 4 x 4 inch only.

A couple of the browns in the batik colours look like they are going to be a problem as they have already run, but I will see how I go after giving them "the treatment".  I am thinking of cutting the whole thing up and making it in to hand bags.   Stay tuned, I could change my mind again.
During February I ran two dye workshops cheekily named "Dye another day Mr Bond".   The first Saturday was an absolute scorcher with temps up to 40 Celsius.    Needless to say, as soon as everyone left, I jumped in to the pool fully clothed.  Felt much better after that.    The second class got a lovely day, with a pleasant 23 Celsius.  Much easier to work in.    I ended up dyeing in excess of 45 meters of fabric.   I will post some pics soon.  Did some sensational cram jar colours and a couple of lovely pieces in a kitty litter tray.   The ladies in the class all did a run of 24 fat quarters.   It was amazing at our March quilting day just how different they all turned out and I am pleased to report that everyone was more than happy with their additions to their stashes.   If you have a group who are interested in doing this workshop, contact me via the side bar!   
On the O'Reilly front, he has had a big start to the first weeks of the year.   He has had some sort of allergy that required scoping, just to check there was nothing in that big nose of his.   Then he had to have his anal sacs removed.    This was no picnic let me tell you.    I slept on the couch for 10 nights and spent far more time looking at his bottom than I really cared to do.    Just got that sorted when he developed some lumps on his back and the snotty nose returned.   After a few squillion dollars he is now looking good (although his hair is taking its time to regrow round the butt).    My son managed to get a great video of O'Reilly and his cat Harv.   I hope it gives you a laugh.
Talk soon!
Sue xxx
PS - Spelling Gekkos = Genus.  Geckos = Common Name   Just in case you think I can't spell or somefink.

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