Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ascending Hawk

The hawk is from Urban Threads.   It is stitched in three parts and is about 60cm in width.   Quite the challenge to get it all together.    I removed their registration marks as my machine didnt want to recognise them.   I added my own cross marks for lining up.     I have made up a set of Shisha Mirror designs that will go in to the shop later.    The fabric is all painted.   The hawk was stitched, and then painted gold with a couple of other colours added to try and 'age' him a little.    There are a few layers of batting within the hawk to make him stand out.   I do like a bit of trapunto.    

Close ups - I quilted the fabric which was painted purple - my 'go to' colour - and then lightly sponged some gold on - it really brings out the design.

In the painting department, I have also been messing about with the good ole Jo Sonya and other acrylic paints in my hording cupboard.   The fabric has coloured up nicely and is still quite soft after washing.     

 Not in love with this colour way, but I can always throw more paint on it!

This one was simply twisted into a roll and then wound up and pain was thrown about.   It has a really nice subtle design.   It looks like rushing water.  

This piece was the clean up piece.   I used it to wipe out all the excess paint from the plastic cups being used.   It almost looks marbled.   I did a quick gold stencil over it.  

Bought some cheap shaving foam from the stupid market, so will see how that goes for marbling this afternoon!

Sue xxx

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