Thursday, February 11, 2016


This weeks efforts include having a go at a 'splatter' technique of flinging fabric paint all about.   This piece of previously white homespun was treated with watered down fabric paint and some isoprophyl alcohol - find it in Bunnings in the paint clean up section - also known as rubbing alcohol.   A few drops of watery black paint was then added.    The birds are from Urban Threads - with 50,000 + stitches in each one.   The quilting took quite a  few hours (over 9).   As a lot of it is double and treble  times over I would guess at least 300,000 stitches.     Just need to decide what to do with it now.    I also have a piece with Ravens in the same style waiting for quilty inspiration.   If you haven't heard of Graffiti Quilting, look up Karlee Porters work.    She is my quilting idol at the minute!    

I haven't put a backing on this - it may be a cushion or a bag panel - sometimes when you are trying new styles of quilting I recommend doing this - you concentrate on the front then and don't worry about what is happening on the back.   This one wasn't too bad.

The birds have been given an extra layer of batting to make them puff out - trapunto style.    I do mine like this.

Cut pieces of wadding/batting the just a little larger than the area you want to make look "fuller".

I use this glue for everything.   I get it from Embroidery Source in Melbourne.     I dont was time with quilt basting spray which I find is often ineffective.     Before you start stitching, make sure it is dry and then your needle wont get gummed up.

 Stitch from the front - follow the outline closely.

 The front  - I stitched as close as I could.   Any odd bits will be covered by the stitching.   You may also prefer to use invisible thread like Mono Poly or Madeira Poly.

Now the fun part (and yes that is with sarcasm) is to carefully cut around the outline.   Dont get to stressed on the hard to reach places.  Quilting will take care of these bits.
 You may also wish to use a dissolving thread in the bobbin, if you want to keep your outlines clean.

Now place a full piece of batting/wadding over the back of your work and start stitching!

Sue xxx

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