Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I dont know about you, but sometimes a quilt just takes too long to put together, and there are only so many you can make for those who are actually interested, and you have lots of techniques you want to try and so many people get hung up on - "but can I wash it" ...and that is why I periodically divert to bags and books and stupid things to use my skills on a slightly smaller scale.   At the minute I am throwing fabric, paint and embroidery at Journals.  

The Front

Fill ém with fancy paper, make stitched or scrapbook pages, put felt sheets in them and use them as a needle book, put photos in them.   Use them as sample books for your stitches and ideas.

The Back

This bit of fluffy confection, started its life as a test strip for my quilt class Opalescence.    Couching fancy threads with fancy stitches, zig zagged beads, bits of Japanese lame appliqued, wool tops for fluffy nonsense, painted lace, fabric beads, charms and fabric paint, all go together and make a fun gift for a friend or yourself.

I used an A5 folder for this one from Officeworks.   The piece of fabric I had created was a little small after all the stitching had been added, so I carefully set to with a sharp knife and a ruler and trimmed the folder a little to make the fit a little less snug.    Many of the folders have a plastic cover over a firm cardboard.   I removed some of the plastic around the ring fitting and exposed the card.   I then painted the card with some gold paint so it was bright white around the inside cover.  

The inside of the cover was painted with gold fabric paint.  Black daisy trim was cut in to single flowers and scattered throughout.

I lashed a few fancy threads - those lovely eyelash and boucle  type knitting yarns are great for this project - using a gold thread and a large sturdy needle.   If you have trouble pulling the needle through the edge, use a pair of plyers to assist with the grip.

 The closure on this one is a piece of hat elastic stitched in to the seam of the back of the cove.A tassel was added because there wasn't enough sparkle happening on the front!
I have a few of these on the go at the minute, using different fabrics and ideas.   Have a go, they are very relaxing to make!

Sue xxx

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