Friday, February 17, 2017


This one features hand dyed fabric in a denim blue colour, some silver painted fabric for the lining, charms, beads and couching.   The raven and feathers are from Urban Threads.   On the cover they were stitched on to silver lame, cut out and then appliqued in to position.   I fiddled with the raven in Embird and put him together as one piece.   In reality he is meant to have wings that are articulated...I think that is the correct word.....anyway, put the wings in to position, masked them and then removed the bits not needed.    The feathers inside the cover are just a straight embroidery design.    I love the silver fabric once quilted.

Wings stitched out on to lame - they are so easy to cut out when stitched on this stuff!

Separated and ready to be stitched in to position.

 A few dingle dangles on the spine of the book!

 Sue xxx

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