Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I sit here with my friend Liz http://www.teddlywinks.com.au/, who challenged me to create a blog by the end of September (note it is now November) attempting to do just that. As you will see in the coming months, I love craft/art of any sort. I am currently working on the perfect zip for bags and purses, as well as a small lap quilt and anything else that takes my fancy - I am easily distracted.....so let's make a start. This quilt was inspired by all things "piratey". There are many techniques in this particular piece - applique, machine embroidery, fabric painting, 3D work and of course, embellishment upon embellishment - there is nothing I like better than a bit of bling!!

I look forward to sharing my "stuff" with you.



  1. At last! TiramiSue has blogged! Now the world can view her gorgeous creations.
    Sue - get cracking and blog your quilts, photography, baking, mosaics, bags, machine embroidery .......
    A very talented lady is our Sue!
    (And we have a mutual love of chocolate and coffee!!!)

  2. Hi TiramiSue, enjoyed making the purse this afternoon at Morrisons, Annette

  3. Sue, you're a dark horse - can't believe I hadn't heard about 'the blog' until now! Good on you for taking the plunge; I'll be stalking regularly from now on. Love your work, my friend!

  4. untie sue i love the things u have made and the letters are on there!cute pictures of havey and norman

  5. love the website see u soon love always rachael and georgia


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