Thursday, November 12, 2009


In my last post, I showed some letters I had prepared - this is how I finished them. Firmly attached to the wall of my sewing room (hopefully reminding me to "make" something - anything) this is a great way for those of us bower birds who collect pretty shiny things in the hope they will come in handy, when in reality years later they are still sitting unused, at least this gets them on view.
I found this to be very theraputic and didn't take that long - the hardest part was waiting for the glue to dry! For enquiring minds I used Tacky Craft Glue for most of the pieces and Selley's Quick Fix Shockproof Superglue for the metal bits and bobs. (This glue doesn't seem to stick tight straight away so you have a little wriggle room).

I also completed a table cloth which is made from velour fabric. I was standing in Spotlight one afternoon when a lady walked up to the counter and I heard her say that she was making a quick cloth for a fairy party - I suddenly thought - that's perfect - it doesn't need ironing, it looks lush - what more could a girl want. Of course there was more - there always is with me - lace but it had to be wide, substantial so the kids couldn't poke holes in it and and shouldn't shrink. I found just what I wanted at Theo's in Boronia ( luckily there was a sale on - 20 metres for $12 = perfect.
A couple of zippered pouches

This next one I made at "quilting" last Saturday - I showed a couple of the members this technique and they were very happy with the results. I expect to see Christmas gifts ladies...

Whilst watering my tomatoes this morning, this caught my eye ...
Then I got on a roll with the camera - so here are some other treasures from around the garden.

This has been a work in progress for some time, I finally sewed the fabric for the headwear in place, I suppose it will go back into the pile of unfinished until I have another moment with it.
Another little piece of machine embroidery - the fabric is painted.

My 14 year old, made this for me in woodwork - I am very impressed.

And finally - a look from "the assistant"...

Bye for now. Sue

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  1. LOVE the photos. That chopping board is amazing; perhaps your talented son could 'whip one up' for me??


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