Friday, November 6, 2009


It's another beautiful day in Melbourne. This week a number of things have been attempted in "my room" - some good, some - well, you know how it goes.

I found this old sewing basket in an op show last week for $2. Bits of cane are missing, but I liked the top - it reminded of the auction in "Oklahoma" were the girls make picnic baskets for the men folk to bid on! After ripping out the moth eaten lining and giving it a good wash in hot soapy water it is now pretty and useful.

In case you were wondering, I know in my profile I list photography as something I am interested, note I didn't say I was actually great at it....... another project that is well under way and an early photo is here - I will post the finished piece once it is up on the wall.

As I mentioned in my first post, I have been playing around with different ways to add zips to purses/pouches. This one is done by appliquing the zipper into position - I will keep working on it to iron out one or two kinks - this turned out quite well in spite of the large amount of un-sewing that was done in the course of production.

This is another attempt...
And finally for today, here is one of my personal assistants - I prefer that he assist by laying down quietly somewhere and not interferring or sleeping on whatever the project of the day is - Norman doesn't always follow the rules.

Enjoy the day. Suzann

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  1. I can't believe Norman sat still long enough to have his photo taken!


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